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Default Revisiting using Knowing Your Own Strength with Conditional Injury

All the way back in September 2019, I made a post on my blog and here on these forums on how to use "Knowing Your Own Strength" from Pyramid #3/83: Alternate GURPS IV with "Conditional Injury" from Pyramid #3/120: Alternate GURPS V. For five months, I worked on it, but I just wasn't figuring it out; so, back in March, I messaged dataweaver, and I asked for their help in moving forward with combining the systems. So, a huge thanks to dataweaver—without their help, this wouldn't have been possible.
  • ST = 20 Χ log(BS_ST) – 10.
    • ST = VT.
      • VT (Vitality) replaces HP at 2 points/level.
    • BL = 2 Χ 10^(ST / 10).
    • For static damage (like firearms), ST = 20 Χ log(BS_damage / 0.5547) / log(10).
    • For DR, use the static damage formula and add 14. This is Armor Rating (AR).
    • For muscle-powered weapons, double the modifier, add 10, then log-subtract 9. This is the Weapon Rating (WR). Log-add WR to ST.
    • For damage bonuses (for punches, All-Out Attack, etc.), use them as a bonus to ST—use double the amount as a ST bonus if the damage bonus is per die.
  • Severity = 5d6D2 + ST – VT.
    • D2 means drop two, so drop the lowest two dice.
    • Log-subtract AR before subtracting VT.
    • 5d6D2 averages to 14. I usually just substitute 4d6.
  • Conditional Effects Table:
    • Negative Severity: Nothing.
    • 0 to 4: Scratch, Shock -0, HT+6.
    • 5 to 9: Scratch, Shock -1, HT+5.
    • 10 to 14: Minor Wound, Shock -2, HT+4.
    • 15 to 19: Minor Wound, Shock -3, HT+3.
    • 20 to 24: Major Wound, Shock -4, HT+2.
    • 25 to 29: Reeling, Shock -4, HT+1.
    • 30 to 34: Crippled, Shock -4, HT+0.
    • 35 to 39: Mortal Wound, Shock -4, HT-1.
    • 40 to 44: Mortal Wound, Shock -4, HT-2.
    • 45 to 49: Instantly Fatal Wound, HT-3.
    • 50 or more: Total Destruction.

For the Multiple Injuries rules, I use the above HT rolls for wound accumulation. Log-addition and log-subtraction use the table below. For log-adding two values, look up the difference between the two values in the Log-Addition column, then add the Modifier to the higher value. For log-subtracting two values, look up the difference between the two values in the Log-Subtraction column, then subtract the Modifier from the higher value.

Log-Addition Log-Subtraction Modifier 
      0                         +6
     1–2                        +5
     3–4                        +4
     5–7                        +3
     8–10                       +2
    11–18                       +1
    19–25+*         26+         +0
    26–35          16–25        -1
    36–38          13–15        -2
    39–41          10–12        -3
    42–43           8–9         -4
      44             7          -5
      45             6          -6
      46             5          -7
      47             4          -9
      48             3          -11
      49             2          -14
      50             1          -19
      51+            0          -∞
*For WR, use the rest of the chart.

I still need to figure out how to adjust throwing, collisions/slams, and grappling. That shouldn't be too hard, but I just haven't given it thought. Additionally, Innate Attack and Damage Resistance need to be reformulated as well, which I think will be a bit trickier. And I also think I forgot to make sure FP loss work with this...

Additional notes

This is from my blog post here, which has the table all nice instead of in an awkward code block like that. It took me way too long to make that work...

Furthermore, I'll say that I don't understand the math behind most of the stuff here, so I can't promise any great answers. I took some liberties in some areas too like making log-addition wrap back around to subtraction to represent tiny weapons being less than useless to huge wielders. As always, I'm happy to receive feedback (especially for the stuff I missed like throwing, collisions, etc.). And I hope that at least one person might find this even somewhat useful!

I'm finally free!

Also, thanks to this site for making it easy for me to convert HTML to BB code.
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Old 09-24-2021, 10:44 PM   #2
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Default Re: Revisiting using Knowing Your Own Strength with Conditional Injury

ST = 20 Χ log(BS_ST) – 10.

What you mean with BS_ST?

If you are using a new system to ST, how can I get the value from the previous system? Or this is used to calculate the new ST cost? Thus BS_ST 12 would cost 20 points. an the new ST would cost 20 x log(12) - 10 points?
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conditional injury, knowing your own strength, logarithm, pyramid, strength

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