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Default Zombies and Doorknobs

Recent TV has got me thinking - what sort of IQ rolls and DX roll should be required to do things like turn doorknobs?

It's the type of thing we take for granted for your average IQ 10 / DX 10 human so I'm guessing a +10/+10 sort of thing where you normally handwaive it for an average PC (if you ever crit-failed you'd just succeed a second later) but in terms of edge-of-sapience things like zombies, the rolls could be interesting.

It might also come up in situations where magic or injury temporary befuddles someone into a state where they might struggle with those things, or maybe if there's slippery viscera on hands/doorknob where you can't quite get a grip, or maybe you don't reach for the doorknob properly in bad lighting.

In cases where you need to quickly open a door, quickly lock a door, etc then succeeding or failing in 1 second instead of 2-3 could become important in escaping a horde, or a horde opening a door and sticking a limb through before you can barricade it properly.
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doors, ladders, locks, nuisance roll, zombies

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