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Default Interpretation of the perk: Power Grappling

The text in both MA and Power Ups 2 says:

Power Grappling
You’re adept at applying force precisely when wrestling. Except when rolling to hit or for an active defense, you may op to shift normally DX-based grappling rolls to ST. Moreover, whenever you make a ST roll that usually enjoys a ST bonus from Sumo Wrestling or Wrestling – e.g., the roll to break free – you may waive your bonus and attempt a ST-based Judo, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling roll instead.

This part "whenever you make a ST roll that usually enjoys a ST bonus from Sumo Wrestling or Wrestling" indicates to me, that you CAN have for example only Sumo wrestling, but STILL get the benefits of this perk when Pinning someone.
First I though only people with Wrestling would be able to substitute ST for DX when pinning, as only Wrestling adds a bonus to pinning.
But the text does not specifically mention that it has to be allowed by you own skill. It even says that you can substitute in a ST bases JUDO roll (which is neither Sumo nor Wrestling).

But on the other hand the text also says "you may waive your bonus", which COULD indicate that you had to qualify for that bonus in the first place. But why then even mention Judo? Does that mean you have to have just 1 skill point in Sumo and Wrestling, then by Power grappling you can use a ST-based Judo-roll?

Could anyone clarify this to me? Especially if you could get a bonus to pinning even without having Wrestling?
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judo, power grappling

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