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Default Re: Unarmed Combat: Options to counter Slam from your foe

Thanks everyone. Where I got all tangled up was that I thought the ST/10 weight rule applied to a parry when it's just attacks.

Now it makes much more sense to me.

Thanks again for your help.
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Default Re: Unarmed Combat: Options to counter Slam from your foe

Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
Most people make slams as Move and Attack maneuvers, especially since slams are specifically exempted from the skill cap of 9 for melee attacks during a Move and Attack. I see a fair number of slams in my games, and they're almost never made as part of an All-Out Attack maneuver.
As long as the opponent moves only one hex and then slams, theyíre good. The only ways to move and attack and move more than 1 hex, is to use all out attack or wild swing, which, Iím not certain is viable as a slam attack. Iíll have to look and see.

You can move your full move without it being all out, but I donít believe you can slam as well (it would be wise to verify of course, as Iím going by memory right now)
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Default Re: Unarmed Combat: Options to counter Slam from your foe

The first sentence under the Slam heading lays out the permissible maneuvers: "You can deliberately collide with an opponent. This requires an Attack, All-Out Attack, or Move and Attack maneuver." (Basic p 371). And the Move and Attack maneuver allows movement as per the Move maneuver, so full speed movement.

The Move and Attack maneuver is new in 4th edition, but you could slam as part of a full speed Move action all the way back to Man to Man.
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