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Default Re: Judo Throw Perk?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
...and Douglas Cole gives an alternative option of not being able to Judo Throw a foe that weighs more than 4xBL, but that's clearly far too low (nobody would be able throw someone else of even comparable weight, unless extremely strong for their own weight).
Looking at my comment here: and some of the follow-ups, this seems to come out of nowhere. It may be that I simply made a mistake and it should be 8x, or meant to say "unpenalized JT up to 4xBL" but even so, for a person of average weight only throwing someone of 80lbs is just EASY.

Edit: In this post I mention "at normal human densities" a limit of 3-4x the Judoka's ST, which may be a BL-->ST swap error.
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