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Default Re: Limiting skill points

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
Intensive training is from p. B293. An hour of it counts as two hours of normal training. Doing intensive training continuously for months or years at a time is not really plausible for human beings.
It is, it's just very rare because:
Humans have to pay to exist beyond training
Humans require social interaction/fun
Humans have a broad range of needs to be healthy (physical, emotional and intellectual)

In game terms its also horribly unrewarding for a PC, but 100% typical of an NPC. For a PC to do this would be silly unless everyone around them so valued this skill/skill set that they were willing to deal with all the other crap to have this available. (IMO this approaches a henchman more than a PC but I suppose its possible to be a PC).

A topical example is Olympic competitors. It is increasing rare to see a top world competitor that is a family person, with an unrelated hobby/education and unrelated job.

Simone Biles is a great example. She has done amazing things with her body by training intensely and more intelligently than anyone before her. However, you see it comes with a price. She's had an emotional breakdown, she herself says she doesnt have normal relationships. She has said in interviews that her entire life revolves around gymnastics.

Now to the original poster, the question has been posed a couple times and not really answered by the original poster.
Is it really necessary to have a "rule" to cover this in play?

It seems to me that you're just trying to resolve the skills issue with regard to an immortal having unlimited skills. This is best handled by giving them some kind of wild card for skills that has to do with time and exposure. If this character has been walking among the normal people then its feasible they could have picked up a few skills.

I assume you're modeling a vampire or something, you can always just say they roll default or a flat skill of 12 for anything you want to say they know.

If your dead set on modeling it instead of just declaring it by GM fiat you have some other considerations.

1) How old is the creature
2) How much actual intellectual interaction does it have with humans
3) How interested is it in learning for the sake of learning, as opposed to learning to be better just at the things it needs.
4) What is its IQ/Will
5) What possible restrictions on this creature might your world setting impose?

You could model this as:

Learned Skills not seen used for more than 100 years (default)
Learned Skills used in the past 100 years 1pt level
Learned Skills used in the past 50 years OR skills that were once known at a Master level but not used in more than a 100years 2pt level

Or you just assign values as you encounter the need to have a value.

Dracula isn't usually portrayed as a high skill character, He has a couple master skills like maybe Savoir-Faire and fast talk or diplomacy, perhaps Entrallment for dealing with humans, but he's usually hopelessly stuck in a outmoded lifestyle.
He might have/had sword skill but does he use it today? Has he lost some of that skill for lack of using it? Has he replaced it with something modern? Does he care enough to bother?

Even and ancient creature wouldn't have much of a leg up on any modern tech. In the past 50 years we have gone from Black and white broadcast TV to streaming video on handheld devices. Your entity has the same potential exposure *I* do to these technologies. Accounting has become about taxes and laws that once applied (ownership of Dracula's castle as example) may not actually be recognized any more, whats a vampire to do.

In a med fan setting where its the 2000yr old elves, you have a whole different issue. How do you NOT learn all manner of stuff in that time? Perhaps they are genetically incapable of recognizing boredom. It may be perfectly normal to sit and just gaze at the water for days at a time... they don't see this as strange, neither are they motivated to be productive daily. Unlike those short lived chaos monkeys that have figured out a way to used controlled explosions to lob balls of iron at a perfectly beautiful wall, they can recognize beauty given the time to ponder it.
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