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Default Re: [IC] Villains Round Table

The Feebleman

Fred asks what they have and although he would love some of the pharmacy level stuff, he decides to grab some MJ, which cures most of his woes in exchange for $100 of his $126 he has on hand.

"Crap man. I am low on the cash front right now. This smoke will keep me sane for a little while. Do you mind if I hang here and use your computer? I have to check out some #*$( and see what my next job will be. I grabbed this hard drive off some security guard, you want to see what porn or crazy #($# the rent-a-cops do and share some smoke?"

Feebs shows off his mad typing and computer skillz, plugging in the stolen hard drive and hoping the antiquated hard drive means antiquated encryptions and security protocols too. He assumes there will be something entertaining and if not, in some altered states, he will try to make the mundane crap fund entertaining instead.

Feebs will relay a story about robbing a place in Milwaukee where he found child porn on the sporting goods store and managed to leave with an arsenal of guns and left the gunshop owner crying, "good times yo."

Feebs is very white and his streetslang is more like streetslang picked up playing xbox 360 with people who swear quite a bit.


Anna did seem to nod to the idea that she appear in a dream before being carted off.

Smallpox only needs to wait a few seconds before he senses Anna's soul come to rest calling for him.

(what kind of super senses does Death have to scout ahead? I will give you the exact scene where Anna's soul is, you can tell me what it is Smallpox can detect before getting there...)

Anna's soul is currently in the nearby town of Rutland inside a bank vault there. It is currently 8:12am local time and the bank is open, so the vault too is open. There are many safe deposit boxes there. There are heavy cash bins. Anna's soul is connected by green magic rope (all invisible to mortals typically) to something inside one of the safe deposit boxes.

There is a minor warding spell on the bank vault and another on the bank itself, which prevents many spells from being cast in the area or for being used to get into or out of the vault or the bank magically. When I say it is "minor" i mean that it, like any security protocol, can be overcome by a resourceful thief with "newer techniques" and/or by an "inside man" who knows its weaknesses.

There are two young bank tellers working with clients (one is making a deposit, one is making a withdrawal). There are two loan specialists at desks tap tap tapping on their computers (one is playing solitaire, the other is checking out college football statistics). There is a bank manager in his office talking on the phone and playing with his iphone.

(how should magic work in our shared game world? If we were doing GURPS you might be able to tell who necromancers were by them having magery, but as it is our own world with whatever rules we want, perhaps everyone who does the right rituals can cast spells... Both of our characters have dealt with magic in the past. Obviously Feebs knows some magic, it is how he was able to conjure the demon to grant his wish in the first place... I suppose the more important current question is this: how can you tell who the necromancer(s) might be?)
Villain's Round Table
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