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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#19): Catfall; Super Jump

I do compare it to Flight, because at low levels, it essentially fills the same niche: an above-ground movement ability that doesn't noticeably improve speed. At high levels, it tends to be a speed-and-damage ability, and is either capped for slams at the maximum campaign damage limit, or gets silly fast.

At low levels, it gets outcompeted by Flight (-20% Requires Surface) [32] combined with Reduced Air Move -5 [-10].
2 levels of Super Jump [20] are very meh: 80" up, or 28 feet forward, both halved in combat.

For comparison, just spending [20] on Basic Move grants: 44" up, or 15 feet forward, (also halved in combat), which is not as good for jumping, but Basic Moves also gives lots of other useful stuff.
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