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Old 08-21-2013, 04:58 AM   #11
Peter Knutsen
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Default Re: You Can Do Better Than That (MOS Improvement via Luck)

Why not come up with a variant of Luck, that gives automatic improvements to MoS, possibly only on already successful rolls, instead of allowing re-rolls?

If balanced right, that may be a +0% modifier, similar to the +0% modifier on Luck and related traits that makes them run on in-world time instead of on metagame time.

More likely, the base trait may need to cost 10, 20 or 25 CP/lvl. I'll just drop the idea in here, leaving the actual design implementation to others.
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Default Re: You Can Do Better Than That (MOS Improvement via Luck)

I just posted my house rules on Luck to my blog (

Basically I use a luck point system and luck can be used for a lot of things.
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Default Re: You Can Do Better Than That (MOS Improvement via Luck)

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
and showing that GURPS luck is about not failing, not about critical successes!
IME, yes, but you can triple your chance of a crit by using luck. It's just that even then (6 or less, try three times) we're talking ~25%.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
The chance to improve your roll is 1 - (chance to roll your current roll or higher on 3d6)^2 -- i.e. if you roll a 9, the odds of rolling 9+ on 3d6 is 160/216, squared that is 0.549, so you've got a 44.1% chance to improve your roll. You can apply that to any other value; to roll 7- is equivalent to beating an 8, or 181/216, for a total 29.8% chance of getting a 7 or lower.
That tells you the odds of improving, yes, but I wanted to know how much it would improve, on average.
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luck, math wankery, mos, probability

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