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Default Instant Counterattack

I was posting in the Judo Throw thread when I thought of an oddity associated with both Judo Throw and Counterattack. This is the fact that you make your attack on your own turn. Ordinarily this isn't problematic at all, but in a battle with multiple combatants can lead to some strange situations, such as the following:
Four characters (char 1-4) are engaged in unarmed combat. 1 and 2 are allied with each other and fighting against 3 and 4. One round goes as follows.
1: Karate Punch against 4. 4 Judo parries.
2: Karate Kick against 4, from the side. 4 Judo parries, and has to use same arm as against 1.
3: Brawling Punch against 1. 1 Karate parries with primary hand (same as used to attack 4).
4: Judo Throws 1.

At first glance, this seems fine. However, Judo Throw (and Counterattack in general) is meant to indicate grabbing and throwing (or striking) before the enemy properly recovers from your defense. In the above example, 4 should no longer have his hand in the right position to pull off a throw on 1 (as he just used it to parry 2's attack). Likewise, 1 should no longer have his arm in a position to be thrown, as he has used it to parry 3's attack. Yet, somehow, when it comes to 4's turn, everything resets to how it was right after 1 finished. For me, this causes something of a disconnect.

I'd like to suggest that, when using Counterattack or Judo Throw, a character should be able to do so immediately following the enemy's attack. After all, this is what's really happening, and the turn system is just to make combat manageable.

The mechanics are simple. Once you've pulled off a successful defense, you must choose if you will attempt a Counterattack. If so, you take your turn immediately, before anyone else acts, but you are skipped over when your turn actually comes up. Thereafter, you take your turn at the normal time.

Now, for the potential complications.

Defense modifiers: What happens when you take a maneuver other than a basic Attack, specifically those that modify your Active Defenses in some way (Defensive attack, Committed Attack, etc)? Do the modifiers last until you can act again (meaning they last longer than default)? What about any modifiers that were in play before you made the Counterattack? Do they stick around, or are they replaced?

Moving out of turn: The maneuvers associated with attacking sometimes give a decent amount of movement. This could lead to situations where a character gets to move twice before someone else moves once. To correct this, I'd say that any movement associated with your Counterattack doesn't actually occur until your turn comes up. This does mean that you can't Counterattack enemies outside your reach... but you probably shouldn't be able to do that anyway.

Interruption: Another disconnect is when an enemy uses something like Rapid Strike to attack you and someone else in the same turn. How do you take advantage of the opening left after your defense if he's already recovered enough to attack someone else? The answer would be to allow your attack to interrupt the enemy's actions - that is, you pull it off before he even completes the maneuver. This makes a good deal of sense, but it does make Counterattack (and Judo Throw) more powerful than it is by default.

Any criticisms and suggestions are welcome.
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