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Default Corco's Villa (OOC)

Once, you were a lone hero of a longshot cause. You wanted to change the world, but found that the world was just a little too big. Then you met Corco, a dimension traveler who promised to one day sponsor your cause -- If you helped with with his causes first. Now you stay in his villa, waiting your turn, and occasionally wondering how long it will be until your cause is at the top of his list. Though you have to admit, saving a planet from being turned into the personal torture resort and buffet of a demon lord is probably pretty important...

Corco's Villa is a world between worlds, a sort of garden dimension maintained by Corco and his numerous family in the name of a grandfather than no one seems to ever see. Corco collects and houses dimensional travelers of all kinds, but of particular interest to our story is his collection of heroes.

Corco collects teams of Heroes and sends them forth into the multiverse to save worlds, change the fate of empire, and slay otherwise eternal tyrants. We will be following the missions of one such team.

Recurring Interdimensional foes of the villa include:
  • Demon Lords seeking to obtain mastery over more worlds, mostly though mystical means, but occasionally with full on invasions
  • The Em-Ju, a collective of cybernetic psionic constructs that enter higher tech worlds and dismantle them to make more of themselves
  • The Eternal Lich Lord, who has slain and reanimated entire worlds, and seeks to add more to his domain.
But most of the time, the Heroes of the Villa will combat more local problems, like Kingmaking in a newly forged empire, slaying the god-tyrant of babylon, stopping a nuclear war, blowing up a zonemind, or making sure that the local legendary dark sorcerer stays sealed in his prison.

Each world will be wildly different, and each will have its own magic, technology, and problems.


Links to important rulings:
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Worlds Beyond Earth -- my blog

Check out the PbP forum! If you don't see a game you'd like, ask me about making one!

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