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Default Multiple Fast-Draw and Force Blade

B194 "specialize in one of these weapon types: Force Sword"
B208 "projects energy from a powered hilt"
B274 "Take a Ready maneuver to activate/deactivate."

If "Fast Draw" represents quickly activating or deactivating the weapon as a free action (assuming the hilt is already in hand) then if you did not have the hilt in hand, would MA103's "Repeated attempts with a given hand are at a cumulative -2" make sense to allow you to roll at -2 to ignite the sword if you had successfully drawn the hilt earlier in the turn?

MA104 seems to assume you don't have a Force Sword in your hand because it mentions the +0 version is "hanging at your hip". This is for the setup DX roll to reach it (only mandatory in close combat, though it's a cool idea to always do to represent if you were able to touch/grab a weapon) and the skill roll if you did.

It sounds like it assumes the 'Odd Positions' is where you keep the hilt, but it doesn't talk about if there's an added step to actually ignite it (which would change it from a reach C fistload to a reach 1/2 weapon)

MA102's "Quick Sheathing" is also something I'm wondering if a force sword can do (except with deactivating, not sheathing)

MA51 Quick-Sheathe perk allows Fast-Draw to do that as a free action if you're in Reverse Grip and MA78 Reverse-Grip tech allows that to be done instantly too...

So I was thinking if you wanted to do something like remove the hilt from a pocket, ignite it, attack, unignite it, stash it back in the pocket, it could look something like:

1) Fast-Draw at -3 to skill, passes (unpocket)
2) Fast-Draw at -2 to skill, passes (ignite)
3) Attack w/ Force Sword skill (hit or miss, just don't drop it)
4) Reverse Grip w/ Force Sword skill-6, pass
5) Fast-Draw at -4 to skill, passes (unignite)
6) Fast-Draw at -6 to skill, passes. (repocket)
Does this seem about right? Reverse Grip isn't technically a Fast-Draw so I didn't accumulate the -2 there, but since it functions similar (rolling to see if you can use a free action instead of a ready) doing that would probably feel right, in which case the unignite/repocket would be at -6 and -8.

I wasn't sure if you could roll a fast-draw after having made an attack. MA103's "cast aside his rapier" sounds like "drop as a free action" (why would you draw a sword just to drop it instantly?) but "pitched his dagger" sounds as much like an attack as it might a drop...

"hurls a knife using his right hand, hes at -2 to Fast-Draw his greatsword" sounds very much like doing a draw right after a throwing attack so I think I'm in the right here...

Do you think you could also do this in the midst of a Rapid Strike? Like pummeling at 6 to hit (smack enemy in face at close-combat using Brawling skill with the hilt), step back, ignite blade, burning damage at -6 to hit from reach 1?
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fast-draw, force sword, multiple fast-draw, odd positions, powered hilt

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