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Old 04-22-2021, 08:18 PM   #1
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Default A summary of questions for a rules-freak

Hello guys

I play munchkin (base game) with my friends about a year already. I use the greek version but have read all the FAQ and rules in the english version, along with almost every post in this forum.

Since I m a rules-freak, i ll post some questions about gameplay or specific cards that I still doubt if I use properly and would be grateful for official quoting answers.

- Do I sell items for levels only once in my turn (before i kick door) or can I sell after I loot the treasure, for a second time? I have read that you can sell anytime in your turn (not in combat of course).

- Can the thief steal a small item under Cheat card? If yes, the Cheat card gets discarded, right?

- Can the thief steal the item that the Hireling card carries? If yes, the Hireling card stays, right?

- Can the Hireling card carry for you a 2nd big item or an an item u cant normally use?

- What happens to the carried item when the Hireling card is discarded by the Kill the Hireling card? Is it discarded too or stays on the table (if possible)?

- The cleric resurrects a card before he draws it, or draws it and then replaces it?

- If i use half-breed and have 2 races and lose one of them due to a curse, can i decide if i will become a super-race-X or a mixed race-X/human?

- If i m lvl 9, can I use the Kill the hireling card so I destroy the Hireling from the player that owns it but not lvl up? Or I cannot use it at all?

- If a players meets a monster and the fight is transfered to another player by Transferal potion, and then the other player uses Friendship potion, do both players Search the room or only the initial player?

- If a monster says to gain an extra treasure if killed with fire, does a fire-armor or a napalm-weapon count as fire? Do we check the title of the items or the pictures?

- If a monster says to gain an extra lvl if u kill it without help or any items, does it mean without potion (but u can count the equipment you wear in the calculations) or u need to fight alone and with your lvl only?

- If there is a fight with 2 monsters, where on monster says that only your level counts and the other says that your level doesnt count, then by default you lose the fight, unless you play something that will vanish of of the 2 monsters?

- The dopplonger card duplicates yourself in real time, right? So if u get "+5 to one side" by a card, the duplicate gets that +5 too. And if u get backstabbed, the duplicate gets backstabbed too, right?

- When I play Mate card to a monster the mate gets the buffs "+X on one side" too, or gets the monster-buffs only (enraged etc)? And when u escape from the mate, the card says that u have - 1 on your rolls. The rolls for all the monsters in the fight or for the mate only?

- I can discard my race or class at any time, even when in combat, even in others' turn, right? But i can play a class/race only in my turn, not in others' turn, no matter combat again. So I cannot help someone and play elf so i gain 10th lvl, since its not my turn to play the race, right?

Thank you in advance for your time!
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Old 04-25-2021, 06:16 AM   #2
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Default Re: A summary of questions for a rules-freak

1)how many times you want but it is stupid
2)yes, discarded
3)yes, stays
4)generally yes, depends if that specific hireling can carry an item/specific item
5)it depends (
6)??? you draw a card and then discard a card from your hand (i am not sure i get your question)
7)normally when you are cursed, you lose both races and halfbreed. If the curse says that you lose only one race you become a super-x and stop
8)no but there is a way to use it (
9)only the original player
10)yes, yes
11)potions are items, only lvl
13)yes (tecnically your duplicate is not stabbed but the malus is doubled)
14)only the monsters enhancers are doubled, the -1 malus was removed since 2010 (
15)yes; if you draw/obtain the race/class card not on your turn, you can still equip as soon as you get it. no you can't
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Old 07-24-2021, 10:01 PM   #3
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Default Re: A summary of questions for a rules-freak

To add to emigio's answer:

You can sell on your turn when not in combat, and before you start the charity phase.

If you're talking about the original Hirelings cards (treasure cards), they are basically a cheat card, so you they can carry any one item for you, allowing you to ignore the size, race, class, sex, or slot requirements on that card. Door card Hirelings from expansion sets can only carry what their text specifically says, and are subject to race/class/sex item restrictions: they are only what class *or* race their name says, regardless of what they look like; their sex is what they look like (the Gnome Hireling is male, which isn't clear from the picture).

The 'payment' for taking from the discard pile occurs after the card is taken, but the payment happens from your hand *before* you can possibly take it into your hand so you can't pay with the card you just drew. Also remember that the card is treated the same as if it were drawn normally: if this was during 'kicking down the door', you only take it into your hand if it wasn't a monster or a curse. You fight it if it was a monster, and you get cursed if it was a curse.

The Doppelganger card is an item that gives you a bonus equal to your current strength. You always calculate your strength without the card, then double it. It updates with each and every change to your strength.
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