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Default Re: (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]

Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
Peter concentrates on this connection to Runt, trying to feel out its depths. Rather than issuing commands, he tries to control the construct's actions by visualizing them in real-time.

Is there any sense of consciousness of the creature? Any sort of feedback or communication coming in from the connection? Peter will imagine seeing things from the magic's perspective and try to tap into Runt's senses... if it even really has any...

Runt has desires, and these are molded by Peter. He can feel what Runt wants, and he can change it directly. He can also give weird technique directions... but these take a while to impart. So he can show runt how to dodge, and he can tell runt to dodge left, but he can't do both in real time. And there are limits to what can be taught: tracing letters in the dirt seems beyond Runt.

Seeing through Runt's senses is a lot more successful. He can just do it.

"No, I don't meditate... is that where you just kind of don't think of anything? How does it work?"
I suppose some people might do it that way, but the way we do is different. Its designed to strengthen your mind for forming the creature. It lets you Karana faster, stronger, and longer. You are progressing as though you've meditated after our manner for a while.

How does it work? Mostly, you sit in a position and visualize patterns very precisely. Then you move them in your mind.

He draws in the dirt three geometric patterns inscribed in circles, radially symmetrical 12 times, like a clock. The idea is to visualize one of these and then move it smoothly between the others, with as many variations as possible. He says there are other patterns as well.

"I'd love to try the game... what are the rules?"

Well, each Karana maker gets a count of eight to create a shadow over the fire. Then they fight in a circle drawn in the dirt. Last shadow to return to smoke or to cross the circle loses. The maker can instruct his shadow, but not enter the circle.

Peter will take a walk in the jungle and look to see if there is a good spot and material for a shelter in case he feel like he has to move out of the tent. He also keeps an eye out for edibles and tracks to evaluate how hard it might be to live off the land if this camp doesn't work out. He may range a bit further out to see if there is any evidence of ruins nearby if he can find enough daylight outside of his duties.
Peter has lived off of a jungle before, but that was a different jungle. This one seems rather different. Getting shelter doesn't seem to hard. Food would be tricker: he doesn't know the local edible plants, though he has some good guesses.

He isn't able to go too far looking for ruins, at least not on the first two days, though he does overhear snatches about the "Kakara Ruins" from people around the camp. The camp is actually built explicitly to search for these Kakara Ruins.
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lost in dreams

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