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Default The art of Dungeon Fantasy 13: Monsters 1

Originally Posted by Toadkiller_Dog View Post
September 9th is a pretty much impossible date for Monsters 1 - it's not that far along yet.
I want to make a constructive comment about this upcoming book, and at the same time to express a concern mine. (I already posted it in other thread)

It's about the art here in DF 13: Monsters 1: since a considerable amount of the art in the PDF releases by Steve Jackson Games consists on "recycled" pieces of art from third edition publications (and never before published pieces, too, years ago produced for third edition books, but then discarded -for reasons of space, or other different ones), I wonder how these new monsters are going to have corresponding illustrations.

Sure not all of them need to be "new monsters" requiring specific brand-new illustrations, and I acknowledge not every single monster is going to deserve a particular illustration, but still . . .
...And I'm aware SJG's PDF releases are including some new, original art pieces specifically designed for the release at hand, too.

Of course, having this volume (or volumes, in the future) illustrated in the same way than the series Creatures of the Night would be great, but I'm not expecting such thing.

OTOH I acknowledge there are people who don't want pictures in role playing game book. However I regard illustrations here as a complement to the written description, not as a limitation to the imagination of the people reading it. So, a kind of "vague" or "approximative" pictures could be suited.
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