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Default Graduated Ensign challenge, GURPS Star Trek 'SNW' era

Greetings GURPS fans,

Okay in that other thread where I asked about Piloting compared to shiphanding people were 'discussing' the GCA and making characters for the "Star Trek" universe using the GCA or GURPS.

Here is my request, 'challenge', or invitation :
Make a character using the GCA who just graduated from Starfleet Academy and is a new Ensign ready their first ship assignment.
These new Academy graduates should be between the ages of 20 to 27.

In my campaign right now their ship is at Earth during the week of Starfleet Academy graduation of 2262. (June 22, 262 to be exact)

Guidelines, Parameters are:

Character points between 170 and 195

Races available or possible are: Human, Andorian, Barzan, Caitian(Cat-like race), Deltans(seen in STTMP), Denobulan, Edosians(three amed, three legged race), Saurians, Tellarites, and Vulcans

I Use the same default Advantages and disadvantages that are suggested in the 'Prime Directive' templates, with these additions:

Advantages - Every Starfleet Character or NPC in the game has 'Federation Standard' as their native language and native cultural familiarty of ' FEDERATON Worlds, UFP

Disadvantages - Every character in my game setting has ' KLINGON, Klingon Ship Crews as a 30 point disadvantage.

The year is 2262 - that is about halfway between "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" and "Star Trek: The Original series" in the timeline.

Our next game session is on Sunday February 25th and I will give my players a choice of just graduated Ensigns to add to their crew.

They need 23 new crewmembers to fill out the crew.

The positions or roles they need filled are:

3 Enginerring specialists...

1 Engineering Damage Control Specialist

1 Transporters Operator specialist

1 Helm Officer who is also a Shuttlecraft pilot...

2 Nurses

4 to 5 Ordnance speciaiists...

8 Science Lab Technicians or specialists...

3 Security /Tactical Specialists or 'Security Guards'...

I am curious and interested what others can create...

- Ed C.
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