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Default Re: US army new AR?

Originally Posted by Pursuivant View Post
It's been a while since there's been a seriously crunchy GURPS High Tech supplement for weapons. A supplement on bleeding-edge weaponry like the latest U.S. military arsenal, or the weapons being used in current military conflicts, would be welcome.
Gurps. Weapons update 2023 could cover the new american, russian and chinese weapons, current body armor and the amazing new scopes the US is issuing.

Check them out.

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When the M16 was adopted, these were barely science fiction.

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Default Re: US army new AR?

A reminder that real world politics are not allowed on these boards.
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Default Re: US army new AR?

Originally Posted by Polydamas View Post
The OICW never saw service but maybe this rifle will be different.
To my knowledge, the OICW was never officially adopted, and was in fact canceled while still in testing. This new rifle has been officially adopted, although I don't think it's been given an official designation yet (it's currently the XM5 - X representing a temporary designation - to my knowledge). A better comparison may be the SCAR-L, which was officially adopted and given the designation Mk 16... but then later most of the orders were canceled and the weapons already acquired decommissioned, although the SCAR-H - the Mk 17 - remained in service. Hopefully something like that doesn't happen here; my guess would be if something like that did happen, perhaps the SAW variant of the new rifle would remain but the infantry rifle variant would be abandoned.
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