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Default Reworking Path/Book Magic for Threshold Magic

Has anyone done this? There are rules in #3/66 for reworking RPM to Threshold Magic... Christopher used a Threshold of 150 and a recovery of 40. Does that seem insanely high for Path Magic? RPM is quite high-powered, after all. And how long should a ritual take?
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Default Re: Reworking Path/Book Magic for Threshold Magic

The RPM energy scale is not really related to the energy scale used in the Threshold Magic version of basic spell magic. It isn't obvious that either scale is closely related to the scale for Energy Accumulating Path/Book magic.

I think you'll do better to price up what seems like a reasonable day's magic-working, call that the Recovery, and consider what multiple of that you want as the Threshold.
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Default Re: Reworking Path/Book Magic for Threshold Magic

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
how long should a ritual take?
T127 mentions Effect Shaping uses a standard basic time usually between 10-60 minutes, with a +1 for taking triple time or you can use a 'haste' option (-2 skill) to get 1/10 time +d6 minutes or a -5 penalty to do it in seconds.

T135 defines "Stage" time for Energy Accumulating, suggesting 5 minute intervals, or possibly varying it for non-normal mana areas (2 very high, 5 high, 10 low, no mention for Very Low, but maybe 20?). If you don't need to accumulate then T136 says you can do it in d6+1 seconds.
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path magic, threshold magic

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