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Default Ball of Poison

Every college of magic has a "Ball Of" spell. My main power is poison-related. So how would I make a Ball of Poison spell? Can someone give me what it would do, fatigue cost, etc.
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Default Re: Ball of Poison

Here's a poison version of a disease missile I posted to a thread on making a Necromancy missile spell.

I think the spell below is pretty balanced as a missile weapon; 1d per point of energy makes 3.5 for most other missile spells, and I figure a high skill with this spell means 2 or 3 cycles until a target makes a resistance roll is about right.

Ball of Poison (Missile)

You produce a glob of supernaturally contact potent poison with a 1-second cycle and no delay; the resistance roll is against HT minus the Fatigue you spent on the spell. As a thrown weapon, it has Max 50, Acc 1. If the glob reaches its target, it is instantly absorbed, and if it misses, it vanishes. Sufferers are nauseated (Basic, p. 428). On a critical success, no resistance is possible and sufferers are retching (Basic, p. 429).

Cost: Any amount up to your Magery per second, for up to three seconds. The cyclic, toxic damage is the amount spent.
Time to cast: 1 to 3 seconds
Prerequisites: Pestilence or Decay
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fireball, inventing, point cost, poison

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