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Default Re: GURPS Does It The Hard Way!

Originally Posted by opposedToGravity View Post
i dont agree. apparently world books sell. apparently DF sells or it would have been cancelled long ago. apparently banestorm sells or it would not have been published for 4th edition.
DF - not a world book, not an adventure book, therefore doesn't fall under the discussion.

Banestorm, a world book, but nobody claimed world books dont' sell.
They claim (With a lot of actual data behind them) that ADVENTURES don't sell.

Say 2000 copies of Banestorm sold, and about half of those are running actual games in Banestorm, straight out of the book, and are interested in adventures. (pretty DAMN big set of assumptions there, but run with me a minute for the sake of example).

Wildly guessing here, but perhaps 30% of games are in Megalos, 30% are in Kaithness, 30% are in Cardiel, and 10% "other".

Already you're down to 300 possible sales for an adventure in Megalos. Or in Kaithness. Or in Cardeil. Only 100 possible sales for an adventure anywhere else, and I highly doubt all 100 gamers are running in the same area.

Already we're looking at the author getting Not Damn Much for his work.

But, unfortunately it doesn't stop there.

Out of the 300 GMs running campaigns in Kaithness, how many are going to want an adventure about a dungeon crawl through a haunted elvish ruin in Harkwood? It's not like all 300 GMs will be running dungeon-crawly games. Nor will all 300 GMs be interested in a mercantile trading scenario, nor courtly intrigue, nor a gathering of bards, nor many other adventure-worthy situations, even assuming he can find a way to drag his PCs all over Kaithness to wherever the adventure happens to be set.

D&D, you have a very very very good chance that 90% or more of players want a dungeon crawl, and often you can just jamn a dungeon crawl in almost anywhere without doing a lot of violence to the landscape. Even if you can't, you can usually haul the PCs across the country with nothing but a rumour of treasure and a big sign saying "Adventure This Way, Or We Go Play X-Box Today". You don't have the luxury of that sort of assumption with ANY GURPS campaign setting.

EDIT: And vitally, with D&D, you have a MUCH BIGGER population to draw on. If there's only 100 000 groups out there in the entire world looking for adventures, I'll be mildly surprised. But even if there were only 100 000, that's 3000 possible sales for something "in Kaithness", and say 90% can use a dungeon crawl, so that's 2700 sales. Even if only a third of groups are likely in the right tier of play to use your adventure, that's still 900 sales, more than Singapore Sling has ever sold!
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