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Default Re: Member House Rules

Originally Posted by Techno-Man View Post
[*]If an item is discarded, its attachments stay with it. So an Armored Piercing, Flaming, Self Cleaning, Gold Plated Eleven Foot Pole-a-matic With Spiky Bits of Doom and Destiny is discarded, and then reclaimed, those benefits stick with the weapon.
sounds interesting but could be confusing to keep track of cards attached to an item. How do you manage it or do you have a massive table

Originally Posted by Techno-Man View Post
[*]If a player runs out of cards for any reason, even if they're not dead, they may draw two cards from each deck on their next turn.
This seems rough. Imagine a wizard with one card. Discards it to charm a monster and gets two cards in return. They are being rewarded for charming a monster rather than paying a price which defeats the purpose. It would be different if you had new rules as you are required to have three cards minimum. There are other similar abilities where this seems unfair. How do you get around that or has it not been an issue?
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