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Old 10-10-2007, 10:48 PM   #41
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Default Addendum: Quirk (-1); has not one --

-- but TWO theme songs.

Both named "Muffin Man."

There is the one from Drury Lane; and

Muffin man

Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
Captain beefheart (harp, vocals)
George duke (keyboards, vocals)
Napoleon murphy brock (saxophone, vocals)
Bruce fowler (trombone)
Tom fowler (bass)
Denny walley (slide guitar, vocals)
Terry bozzio (drums)

"The muffin man is seated at the table in the laboratory of the utility muffin
Research kitchen... reaching for an oversized chrome spoon he gathers an
Intimate quantity of dried muffin remnants and brushing his scapular aside
Proceeds to dump these inside of his shirt...
He turns to us and speaks:

"Some people like cupcakes better. I for one care less for them!

"Arrogantly twisting the sterile canvas snoot of a fully charged icing
Anointment utensil he poots forths a quarter-ounce green rosette (oh ah yuk
Yuk... lets try that again...!) he poots forth a quarter-ounce green rosette
Near the summit of a dense but radiant muffin of his own design.
Later he says:

"Some people... some people like cupcakes exclusively, while myself, I say
There is naught nor ought there be nothing so exalted on the face of God's great
Earth as that prince of foods... the muffin!

"Girl you thought he was a man
But he was a muffin
He hung around till you found
That he didnt know nuthin

"Girl you thought he was a man
But he only was a-puffin
No cries is heard in the night
As a result of him stuffin

"Bruce fowler on trombone, napoleon murphy brock on tenor sax, and lead vocals,
Terry bozzio on drums, tom fowler on bass, denny walley on slide, george duke
On keyboards, captain beefheart on vocals, and soprano sax, and madness. thank
You very much for coming to the concert tonight. hope you enjoyed it. goodnight
Austin, texas, where ever you are."

Haunting my dreams since 1978.
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Old 10-11-2007, 02:01 AM   #42
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Default Re: Blurberry Template

Anyone want a talking muffin? XD I stumbled upon this just now while surfing the archives and it needed to be shared.
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Old 10-11-2007, 07:33 PM   #43
Sense of Duty (Kittens)
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Default Re: Blurberry Template

Enemy (Hungry People) (Hunter)
Steal Energy- giving Dungeon Fantasy wizards a pretext to learn healing magic since 2004.
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Old 10-11-2007, 08:41 PM   #44
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Default Re: Blurberry Template More on the subject of sentient muffins and how they may act. Note that these muffins differ considerably then the recommended templates.
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blueberry muffin, edible character

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