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Default Bee Sting Ring ruling

In Moop's Monster Mashup, there is an item called Bee Sting Ring. The item lets you automatically Run Away from all Level 1 creatures if y ou fail to defeat them.

My question: Is a Level 1 creature always level 1 regardless of any boosts added by other players?

One of my players that equipped the ring failed to beat a Level 1 creature after another player played Pretty Baleens (+5) on the creature which brings it to 6 total. The first player failed to beat it and used the Bee Sting Ring to Run Away. However, I ruled no because of the +5 added to the creature during combat.

How should this ruling really go?

Thank you!
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Default Re: Bee Sting Ring ruling

Level and combat strength are two different things.

Level is what is printed on the top of the card, combat strength is level plus any bonuses. The creature in the end would still have been level 1 but would have had a combat strength of 6.
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