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Default Re: SID's Star Wars Campaign (IC)


Togosho wakes-up.

He makes an attempt to interpret his visions with meditation. The signs of frustration dissipate with a sigh, and clarity comes to his mind. The first vision talks about the persecution of the mundane, highlighting that earthly life is ultimately empty; it could be a warning of events to come, or the echo of Togosho's thoughts resonating within him. His feeling is one of familiarity, perhaps alluding to the pursuit of the ordinary or the routine. The second vision is more intricate, the signs he observes speak of a fortuitous encounter, and perhaps of an alliance that brings triumph to the hands of the doers. The brightness of the second vision could symbolize the path towards discovery...

Then he removes his armor.

Some of its pieces are "glued" to his body. He truly feels like he’s ripping his skin off, the process is delicate and painful. As a result of the explosion, the texture of the armor is oily, as if it is coated in some kind of soot, making everything more difficult.

It may be the first time his armor has taken so much damage, but the armorer's trade is second nature to the Jensaarai. The necessary repairs were expected to take days, but the situation was not as dire as Togosho had anticipated; the spirit of the force guides Togosho in the restoration of the armor until full repair.

Then, after a short rest and a bit of grooming, Togosho feels like new.

When Togosho analyzes the locket, psychometry reveals warmth and hope. The visions begin almost a day before the battle...

In a remote place of Nar-Shaddaa, seen from a corner, from the chest of a woman resting in the care of two sleeping newborns, flashes of lightning illuminate an underground home. Water falls to the ground from a sewer, into the center of what appears to be the house’s main room. The water that escapes through a drain on the floor, splashes the surroundings of the cold and dark room. Part of the water is collected in various containers and vessels.

With the passing of the hours, the infants wake up, as well as the woman. She feeds the two babies, who are put to sleep again. She gets up, then it is observed that there’s one more person in the room, a little Rodian who sleeps; when he wakes-up he seems hungry and worried.

She makes him laugh, the woman goes to another corner; and from a table she fetches a gun and a lamp. Then, after walking through a narrow corridor, she enters a crack where a mousetrap is found. In the trap is a big juicy WOMPRAT. She shoots the animal, takes it into the room and skins it. Using the battery from her gun, she lights a stove in which she fries the rat. Meanwhile, she takes a dry piece of bread and moistens it with some boiling water. The food is ready, the woman eats a piece of the bread, the rest is for the Rodian.

The babies sleep and the Rodian entertains himself the hologram of Figrin Da'n and the Modal Nodes, the sound is very low (almost inaudible), maybe it is damaged. From her behavior, it could be said that the woman is waiting for some kind of news. It’s true, suddenly the sound of a device breaks the silence that sought to take over the room. It sounds like a man's voice, speaking in the characteristic Rodian tone, the conversation is held in Huttese. The message seems obvious, some meeting is taking place soon. The woman takes the gun from, plugs the battery back, puts on a coat and puts away her locket. She looks at the newborns and bids the Rodian farewell, to whom she provides some instructions.

Although the following events cannot be clearly observed, she boards a ground vehicle. The journey is long and the atmosphere soporific, but tension and anxiety prevent the woman from falling asleep, it is as if she were about to win a prize. Then the vehicle stops, and a voice is heard from speaker “Wait for further instructions”. A hatch opens and she descends. As the vehicle drives away, she takes holds the locket in her hands, kisses it, and then puts it away. During that moment, it is possible to notice dawn is about to take place, the location seems familiar, it is the field of the recent battle.

A group of people is heard approaching and a conversation takes place (in Huttese), it is as if it were a reunion of best friends who hadn’t seen each other for years. During the gathering, the names VANTA BLACK, CHOWBASA and YAVOO-NAGA are heard. Then the group receives a call saying “The pond is empty, now or never”.

The group sets in motion and on the lookout, the woman's heart is about to burst with emotion. Suddenly the barking of some dogs, the sound of an explosion... The woman is anxious to finish the job...

The rest of the story is already known.

It’s been about 3 hours since Togosho arrived to the hotel. He calls a cab and leaves to YAVOO-NAGA.

Meanwhile… Bibingui and Vanta…

(continued in the next post)
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