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Old 03-26-2024, 12:43 PM   #1
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Default Car Wars The Card Game: Fireproof Armor

In our game, my opponent already took damage to his tires from a flamethrower card. I later tried to play another flamethrower card. My opponent then showed that he wanted to play the Fireproof Armor card. The first sentence of the Fireproof Armor card says “Play at any time, up until you have taken damage from a Flamethrower card.” My opponent claims that he can block my Flamethrower attack because he’s playing the Fireproof Armor card immediately after my Flamethrower attack.

I believe that because my opponent already was attacked by my Flamethrower, that he can’t play any Fireproof Armor cards for the rest of the game.

Please tell us how we should interpret this rule.
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Default Re: Car Wars The Card Game: Fireproof Armor

I don't own the game, but your read sounds reasonable to me.

Unless there's a /very/ clear explanation in the rules otherwise, "tires" are definitely a part of "you", so if they've taken damage from a flamethrower, that certainly /seems/ like it should negate future uses of fireproof armor.
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Default Re: Car Wars The Card Game: Fireproof Armor

It seems like you've stumbled upon a tricky situation in the game! One time my friends and I debated a rule in our favorite solitaire variation. We ended up digging through the rulebook and found that clarity is key - just like in your case. Based on the wording of the Fireproof Armor card, it sounds like your opponent can indeed play it immediately after taking damage from your Flamethrower attack, effectively blocking the attack. It's all about interpreting the rules accurately to ensure a fair and fun game for everyone.

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car wars the card game

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