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Default The Lich

Can some please explain The Lich's bad stuff in the Adventure Time Munchkin? On the card it says "not only are you dead, but each other player must run away or lose a level!" Also above the bad stuff it says "will not pursue players level 5 or below." So does that mean if the player who is fighting the Lich fails to run away, that other players must run and if they fail they also die? Also does the "not pursue level 5" thing matter to other players who are running away (or losing a level) due to the bad stuff triggered by the player facing it?
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Mister Ed
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Default Re: The Lich

The other players wouldn't die in any case, since the card specifies what happens if they fail to Run Away. They lose a level if they fail to Run Away.

If the text about the other players having to Run Away is part of the Bad Stuff, then it shouldn't apply at all unless you fail to Run Away. So others shouldn't have to Run Away unless you fail a Run Away roll.

I'm less certain about whether, assuming you do fail such a roll, other players have to Run Away if they are Level 5 or below. The text of the Bad Stuff doesn't mention any immunity, and I'm not sure applying the Bad Stuff follows the same immunity rules that applied to the Munchkin that was actually facing the Lich in combat.
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Default Re: The Lich

The card is clearly giving instruction on the Bad Stuff of what would happen to the other players, should they have to Run Away from it and fail, so they don't die. Since it's still a Run Away attempt, so I don't see why the Monster's restriction against chasing after certain Level characters should be ignored. Characters of Level 5 or below shouldn't have to Run Away.

Thank goodness you must face this Monster alone, and there isn't the further complication of what happens when two munchkins fail to Run Away from it directly, as opposed to as part of the Bad Stuff effect.
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Default Re: The Lich

Thanks for clarifying. It makes a lot more sense hearing it explained by others. We thought you could run away OR instead just lose a level to not run away. Since it wasn't your combat and you are running due to the bad stuff effect of another player, the level 5 thing would matter and a fail roll would equal death. "He seeks the extinction of all life" made it seem like if others failed you'd die.

I guess we just tried to be to literal with it. Thanks again!
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adventure time

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