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Default Re: Outlander cycle?

You are correct. The pocket box contains no turning key. It specified a list of maneuvers. The "swerve" maneuver is defined by moving the vehicle ahead one "car-length" (presumably one inch, but annoyingly ambiguous when also referring to bikes), and turning the piece to any position such that the rear corner stays in the square it started in, and the diagonally opposite corner moves 1 square (or for a hard swerve, 2).

I've been meaning to deep-dive this again, but I've been sick the last few days. 90 degrees may have been an overstatement, but I'm on very solid ground when I say bikes turn significantly more degrees under significantly lower d-levels under this formulation than under the turning key.

It's actually interesting. CWC, like Monopoly, becomes a very interestingly different game when you sit down to play it RAW (rules as written) as opposed to "the way our group has always done it."

The turning key changed things. Majorly. This may not have been fully appreciated at the time, and were it not for the pocket box releases would surely be long forgotten, lost in the dim mists of the long-ago before-time. Ever so long ago. :)

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