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Default supers: nine options

I've been playing around lately with a concept for a possible future campaign, Demobbed, which would be about people with superhuman powers coming home from World War II. And part of this, as always, has been thinking about what rules system would suit this premise.

I have in mind a couple of departures from archetypal supers: On one hand, no characters whose powers make them comparable to national governments, or even strategic assets (so not like my GURPS Supers campaign Sovereignty, or Kieron Gillen's very dark graphic novel series Uber); characters would be streetlevel. On the other hand, no flashy costumes, no formal superheroic names (though supers might have nicknames), no secret identities—though there might be secrets. I'd be aiming for something less romantic than four color comics or even than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but less cynical than Watchmen or Uber.

Also, while the various characters could start out working together, they might initially not know each other, having all just been discharged from service. Think of Marvel's treatment of Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage in the video series.

So at this point I've come up with multiple engines that might be used for this: Absolute Power, Champions, FUDGE, GURPS Supers, Mage: The Ascension, Mutants and Masterminds, Savage Worlds, Smallville, and Villains and Vigilantes (edition 2.1, not the recent new version).

* I'd be interested in what anyone thinks about the strengths and weaknesses of the various systems, overall, for the supers genre, and for the specific premise I'm looking at.

* If anyone thinks some other system, either specifically for supers or generic, ought to be in the list, please feel free to say so and point out what's good about it.

And yes, I wrote both GURPS Supers (the latest version) and the published FUDGE rules for supers. But I don't take it as a foregone conclusion that either of them is the best fit to this premise.
Bill Stoddard

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