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Default Re: Force Shield Power Question

Originally Posted by Jareth Valar View Post
What about a Force Shield Bracelet that runs off of internal power and not a C-cell?
If Force Shield Bracelets are commonly available, off-the-shelf tech in the setting, then you can take an accessory Perk. But if you're in a TL3 fantasy game, then it's not regular equipment, and so not Perk-able, though an ordinary low-tech shield would be. Accessory Perks are one answer the question "why should I have to pay so many points to duplicate what you can do with that rifle for mere $?". But they're not a way to buy magical or superpowers that anybody couldn't just go buy.

Offhand, I don't see a problem with wiring a bracelet to internal power (if the character is a robot or whatever). You don't have to change the batteries, but on the other hand, you can't lend it to a friend, either. The "equipment" in this case might be distributed through the robot body anyway.

The point of that Perk is just not to charge a lot of CP for something that's just a ordinary tool or piece of gear, but it doesn't necessarily have to be physically identical. My original point was just to beware of giving away a lot of free Enhancements and benefits that the supposedly equivalent item doesn't actually have for that 1-point Perk. If it's a TL3 game, and I can have always-ready DB 3 for $0 and save 25 lbs all at the same time, that's a no-brainer 1 CP that every player would take.

Also, how do make something a gadget?
Gadget Limitations start on B116. Gadgets are physical items that give you abilities built out of Advantages, costing CP. For making the ability something granted by an object rather than something innate to the character's person (or mind), you get a discount, depending on how vulnerable the object is to being destroyed, stolen, etc. Typical gadgets might be things like magic swords or rings, or perhaps an anti-psi helmet (if that's not mundane equipment in the setting, as with Magneto), or a battlesuit that gives you DR and Flight and Innate Attack and extra ST. It's really less "make something a gadget" than "make an ability one granted by a gadget", which you do by putting the Gadget Limitations on that ability.

Gadgeteers often make Gadets, though they might make ordinary equipment. And you don't have to be a Gadgeteer to use a Gadget.
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Default Re: Force Shield Power Question

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
Generally speaking, when someone in GURPS says to "build something as a Gadget", they're referring to building an ability with advantages, modified with the Gadget limitations, which are found on pp. B116-117. So, in this case, if you wanted to build something like the force shield bracelet from Ultra-Tech (p. 192), you'd take the advantages Damage Resistance and three levels of the Defense Bonus meta-trait (which is composed of all three of the Enhanced Defenses advantages), and give them both the limitations of Breakable (the bracelet itself is probably DR 15 or so, and SM -7 or -8, so this is -15%) and Can Be Stolen, thief must win a Quick Contest of DX, works for the thief, -30%.

So, the final ability would look something like this:

Shield Bracelet: Defense Bonus 3 (Directional, Front and Right Only, -15%; Breakable, DR 15, SM-7, -15%; Can Be Stolen, Thief must win a Quick Contest of DX, -30%) [36] + DR 100 (Directional, Front and Right Only, -15%; Breakable, DR 15, SM-7, -15%; Can Be Stolen, Thief must win a Quick Contest of DX, -30%; Requires Active Defense, -40%) [100].
Thanks, this is perfect.
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Kelly Pedersen
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Default Re: Force Shield Power Question

Originally Posted by Kesendeja View Post
Thanks, this is perfect.
No problem!
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