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Default GURPS Star Trek (DS9 era)

For my first GURPS campaign, I decided to do Star Trek from the Deep Space Nine and Next Gen era (that is, pre-Abrams). I only have access to the Basic Set, so this won't take advantage of any of the special features in GURPS Space, etc.

I am making a few basic changes to cannon for my own campaign:

First, the point of divergence is the year 2376 (the end of DS9). I will also probably be changing the events of Voyager as well, but what exactly that entails won't matter until Voyager returns to previously explored space.

Second, the counselor position is not a bridge position. It just doesn't make sense to me that a counselor would be considered an essential part of the bridge crew. Troi is a diplomat instead. Ezri is a counselor in the process of changing roles to security.

Third, events have progressed since the Dominion War. Peace with the Breen is only temporary, and the old alliances are beginning to crumble. In other words, there is still plenty of room for adventure and cannon is a starting point, not a plan.
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star trek

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