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Default War of Kings Medieval Strategy Board Game

Greetings everyone!

The medieval strategy board game War of Kings that I have been developing with my brother for over a year is now on Kickstarter! You can even download a special Kickstarter preview edition of the rules right here. We have also kept a development blog at the game’s main website: We hope that this blog will be of interest to anyone who wants to develop their own board game. Video blog posts are being posted directly to our YouTube Channel. More videos will be posted throughout the campaign.

This is our debut game, so we really hope that everyone here in the GURPS community will help us get the word out.

But I also wanted to open this thread because I would very much like to hear what the GURPS community has to say about the rules (or the game in general). I know lots of people here on the forum are very good at analyzing game rules and we would love hear any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions you might have. My brother and I have put the game through some extensive play testing, but it is always through feedback that we make it even better!

Please let me know what you think!
Heath Robinson
I created a jumbo-sized HeroQuest board from foam and I also built a case for a 55 inch TV to display animated RPG maps.
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