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Default Re: Steampunk Mars/ Cold War crossover

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
Does liftwood just negate gravity up to a mass limit, or does it actually provide lift, allowing you to gain gravitational potential energy? If it's the latter, some laws of physics are going to need a rewrite.
It's not made quite explicit in the rules. It seems like force:

Originally Posted by Space 1889 p. 18
Liftwood vessels are held up by many individual liftwood panels, arranged much like Venetian blinds, which provide varying amounts of lift depending on their angle toward the surface of the planet.
but then it seems like what GURPS calls contragravity:

Originally Posted by Space 1889 p. 118
[...] which has remarkable antigravity properties
(reducing the weight of a vessel to less than that of air and thus allowing it to float).
and then again:

Originally Posted by Space 1889 p. 172
In a specific piece of wood, the sap may exert lift in one direction, but not in another; when properly oriented, the wood produces a great deal of lift, but when twisted even a few degrees, the lift is reduced, sometimes dramatically.
(At the very least, as Marcus Rowland pointed out, you can mount it on a wheel with some mechanism to pivot it as the wheel turns, and get a perpetual motion machine.)
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