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Default Re: Member House Rules

Hey everyone, I recently came up with a house rule that should help with the pace of place and I wanted to see what other people thought about it.

I play with only the base munchkin game and all expansions, so no Zombies, Marvel, etc... and with all 9 expansion packs plus some smaller packs (like princesses) included, someone always ends up drawing class or race cards as their face down door card. Even though in a well shuffled deck, this statistically should not happen, it is possible and someone inevitably gets screwed. That person has a much less enjoyable time playing and they tend to disengage which hurts the overall gameplay.

The idea I had to fix this is to pull out all race and class cards and put them into two piles, one for races and one for classes. Munchkins, at any time during their turn, can sell 500 Gold worth of items to draw one face down card from either the Race or the Class deck. This way, players will have exactly as many classes and races as they want and it takes away from the pain of drawing a class three turns in a row. This would be a large item sink so the rule to sell 1000 gold worth of items to go up a level might become less relevant in the early to mid game.

Additionally, players might end up selling lots of items for a chance at a specific class or race they want. This seems fine to me though because, while it might be overpowered to let them essentially choose whatever race or class they desire, they are limited by the amount of gold they have.

Races and Classes would get discarded into their own piles and shuffled back into their decks if those decks run out. Races and Classes also now have a sell value of 100 gold to discourage people from hoarding classes and races to prevent other munchkins from getting any, although this is a perfectly valid strategy with these rules.

Let me know what you think and if this needs any tweaking.
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