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Default Re: 9,401, an SF thriller

Lethe sets down Von Bork, and contacts the orbital support. Though a number of armed enemies are advancing on his position, he isn't noticeably troubled.

Lethe (to INS Cheshire)
This is Special Agent Lethe. Requesting orbital strike to the following coordinates...
Opposition consists of four aircars and an unknown number of soft targets. Use heat tracking to pinpoint and identify. I'm transmitting our teams positions, as well as the data feed from our drones.
Switch to Imperial Protocol Delta-Tango-Lima zero-four-one. Acknowledge.


No, I specifically prefer NO torpodoes, repeat, NO torpedoes. Make it surgical, if possible.


Very well. Execute soonest.
Lethe gives no indication that the imminent obliteration of roughly 30 people bothers him in any way. Noticing the look on Ishikawas face, he shrugs.

Lethe (to Ishikawa)
You know I try to avoid human casualties wherever possible. But I'm afraid it's us or them, right now. Deplorable, but unavoidable.

(to the team)
Orbital strike imminent. Adjust glare compensation accordingly. Be advised that...

He is interrupted by a deafening thunder, and a succession of three blinding white flashes. From the sky, three ruler-straight lightning bolts crash down in rapid succession, each lasting only a heartbeat.

The teams visors darken instantly, but even so, those who didn't turn their eyes away are blinded for a few seconds.

From the outside, the scene has changed dramatically in just a few moments. Two of the spots where the hostile aircars were landed are now glassy patches of burning ground, maybe a dozen meters across. A third smoldering spot, somewhat elongated, has formed where several of the approaching Sons of Patrick Henry were advancing. There is no sign of bodies. Those who have been hit are completely obliterated. Shouts of pain and fear can be heard, as apparently several of the Sons were looking right in the direction of the laser strike, or have been hit by flying debris.
The mansion looks like a scene from a warzone - and in sense, that's what it has become.

Lethe (to Thórrson)
Estimated 100% of the hostiles in group Alpha have been eliminated or rendered unable to fight. Estimated 70% of the hostiles in group Bravo are down, with permanent blindness among the survivors likely. I estimate no more than 50% casualties in group Charlie.

No hostile radio communications detectable.

I recommend holding our position, sir. On the outside, we have 7 to 9 hostiles advancing on us. Further orbital fire is inadvisable due to close proximity of remaining targets to DoJ personnel. We have lost most of our drone feed.
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