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Default Skill Lists And Limits For Teenage Characters

Hi, all. One old campaign idea that has for some reason recently crawled it's way back to the forefront of my mind is the fan-setting for Mekton Zeta called Virtual Mekton, the one line pitch being what if Yu-Gi-Oh but with VR arcade Mechs/armored combat instead of Magic the Gathering. Throw in some mysteries (like this can't be making money with what's given away in tournaments, right?) and I think that you've got something at least decent.

Now I'll clearly be running this with GURPS, and not the buggy mess that Interlock was. Given that my PC's will teenagers playing a video game, they'll be using game versions of skills like Piloting and Gunner. Now in general I'm thinking that skills should be limited a one or two point spend and that many skills groups, like combat, will be off limits, because these are supposed school children. Now this is key: Does anyone think this is unfair or unworkable or something like that?

For actual Mecha design, I'll be using Mekton Zeta, it falls nicely between Spaceships and Mecha in terms of details and time to design, which is important for a game where the players get to design their own (And where I'll have to design a lot for them to fight).

Now it's not hard to figure out how combat works, both systems are pretty similar at the gross level and just more or less using normal human scale rules with Spaceships maneuvers should work, turn length uses the Mekton 10-second without any problems, but needing to use Mekton's 50 meter hexes poses a slight problem: How do I calculate modifiers? Range is simple, multiply hexes by 50, speed into speed/range, but I also need to work out how speed should be factored into that, do I divide by 10? And what's the aim bonus each attack gets? Is there any guidance I've missed for figuring these things out?
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