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Default Re: Member House Rules

I have 3 sets of munchkin, with all their expansions: Munchkin Cthulhu, Munchkin Booty and Munchkin Bites. I also have Need for Steed, with doors and treasures spread evenly throughout all 3 sets.

I put all 3 decks of door and treasure cards on the table, so players have 3 decks of doors and 3 decks of treasures to choose from.

1) When you Open The Door, you may choose from any door pile
2) When you Loot The Room, you must draw from the pile that you Opened The Door
3a) If you Open The Door and meet a monster, the treasures drawn for defeating the monster come from the corresponding treasure deck (if you kill a monster from Munchkin Booty, you get Munchkin Booty treasures. If monsters or treasures are added to the fight, all their treasures are drawn as Munchkin Booty treasures)
3b) If you Look For Trouble and fight a monster, you can draw treasures from any treasure pile
4) Each set has their own discard pile for doors and treasures. If a card says 'Go through the discard pile and do x', the player being affected gets to choose which discard pile they use. They can only use one discard pile, so if they go through a whole Munchkin Cthulhu door discard pile to find a class, and they find none, they cannot start looking through the Bites discard pile.

I'm sure there are other rules I'm forgetting.

The thing I like most about this gameplay is that players get to choose which version of the game they want to play.

If someone feels like being a jerk, they can play off of the Cthulhu deck and get cards like O Rlyeh, Ia Rlyeh and Cthnithonians, and play Madnesses on people. This also means they can try to find a way of discarding Cultist cards, then making other people 'Become a Cultist'. Evil, I know.

If players want ships and sharks, they can play off of the Booty deck.
If players want minions and other fun things, they can play from the Bites deck.
All 3 decks have a little bit of Need for Steed to even things out.
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