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Default GCA4 Prime Directive data files?

Are there any GCA4 data files for all of the GURPS Prime Directive books, including the races?

How would I load the race templates into the GCA character sheet?

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Default Re: GCA4 Prime Directive data files?

I'll jump the gun and suggest that you upgrade to GCA5. If you bought it digitally through Warehouse23 (or e23), you now have a download for GCA5.

Now for the GCA4 answer...

To set up Prime Directive data files, go to Tools | Options. On the Data Sets tab, click Change next to Current Data Set. In the Data Sets window, click the icon of a blank file for New Data Set. A new data set will be created, ready for you to type in a name for it. Name it "Prime Directive." Now the Prime Directive.gds data set should be selected. In the Available Data Files section, double-click on Worldbooks. Select GURPS Prime Directive 4e and optionally GURPS Prime Directive 4e Klingons and GURPS Prime Directive 4e Romulans. Click Add to add them to the Included Data Files. (You can either add them one at a time or select all of them at once and add them as a batch.) Sort the Included Data Files using the up and down arrow buttons to make sure that GURPS Basic Set 4th Ed.--Characters is at the top, followed by GURPS Prime Directive 4e, followed by the other two in either order. Then click OK. Click OK on the Options window. GCA4 is now ready to create a Prime Directive character.

To use a racial template, create a new character, then either go to the Templates tab or click on the Templates button in the Quick View. Select the racial template you're looking for on the left side and click Add. Answer any and all questions that come up. When all questions are answered, your character now has a racial template added to it.
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Default Re: GCA4 Prime Directive data files?

Moved to the correct subforum.
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