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Night Watchman
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Default Thanks for the handling of Attack Modes!

Just a thank-you for the thoroughness with which GCA4 handles attack modes.

I've been learning to manage them, firstly by removing never-used ones from characters (the Two-Handed Sword modes for a quarterstaff, and the Shortsword modes for a long knife) to save clutter on printouts.

It then dawned on me that my problem of forgetting the different Acc values for different kinds of rifle ammunition (normal vs. hand-matched, High-Tech p. 174) might be handled this way. All I had to do was fill in the mode field with two "|"-separated values, and the mode sprang into existence on the Phoenix character sheet; adding a second value to the acc field finished the job.

Excellent work!
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GCA Prime
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Default Re: Thanks for the handling of Attack Modes!

Glad it works well for you!
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