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Default Mixing Action Points from Last Gasp and Magic

I was wondering, has anyone had come up with a good rule for mixing Action Points from "The Last Gasp" and the Fatigue cost of spells? It has been a while since this question was asked in this thread, so I was wondering if anyone had tested this more in play yet and found a good rule.

My initial thought is to make spells convert at a ratio of 1 FP equals 5 AP. The reason is that, on a HT 10 average character, when they burn a FP in combat they recover 5 AP. To me this indicates that a FP should be about 5 AP and that, therefore, characters with higher AP pools can cast more spells before dipping into their FP. Thoughts? Other people's experiences?

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Kelly Pedersen
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Default Re: Mixing Action Points from Last Gasp and Magic

This is basically an untested idea, I've just come up with it off-the-cuff, so grain of salt and all that. That said...

What you could do is have spells that take 10 seconds or less to cast instead cost their normal energy cost in AP. For spells that took multiple seconds to cast, and that required words or gestures, I'd use a special "Concentrate with Activity" action that cost 1 AP, but the AP spent would count towards the spell's final cost. If you know the spell at high enough level to cast without words or gestures, the regular Concentrate action would do.

Spells that took longer than 10 seconds to cast would simply have their normal energy cost in FP.

Power-/Mana-stones would provide 1 AP for every point of energy spent. This would definitely make it less efficient to pay for combat-time spells with powerstones, but I think that's reasonable.
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