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Default Re: Gaming philosophy conundra

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Eh, the actual game parts of MtA are perfectly math-heavy, it's just that social expectations of how you're going to play the game are different.
Certainly you have to do math, but that's true of essentially any conventional RPG. Even Amber Diceless requires comparing the Strength or Warfare or Psyche scores of different Amberites.

But a lot of the focus of M:tA is on analyzing what ontological categories different things fall into (is a vampire Life or Matter?) and how different worldviews of different Traditions identify their wonder-working (is it invoking the spirits, or calling on the power of the One God, or rewriting the code underlying the simulation that is the perceived world?). That is, as I say, "closer to philosophy."
Bill Stoddard

I don't think we're in Oz any more.
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