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Default Kicking Technique vs a Standing Broom vs Snap Weapon technique

I think I could possibly snap a light/weak broom in half using my hands. According to the Snap Weapon technique in GURPS Martial Arts, you can do Thrust Crushing damage to accomplish this.

The kicking technique ALSO does thrust crushing...

But let's say I encounter a broom which is standing up like in

I'm pretty sure if I kicked that broom I would not be able to snap it in half - it would probably take minimal damage and just suffer knockback/knockdown as if I had done a Shove or Push Kick on it.

I'm not really sure how to describe this attribute of lighter objects. Should there possibly be some sort of reduction on how much crushing damage a low-HP object can take by big hits that would inflict a lot of knockback on them?

I almost think (despite punches doing less damage than kicks) that I'd be more likely to snap a standing broom in half using an arm strike than with a leg strike, simply because the punch hits faster than the kick does.

Kicks might have more force (higher mass in the mass x acceleration formula) than punches, but this is a situation where I think acceleration would somehow be more important.

I don't know the physics terms as to why though.

Obviously a kick would have a lot more force if the broom were braces against a wall (or held in someone's hand as a weapon) because then it can't get knocked back to diminish the force of the hit...

I guess I'm wondering at what sort of damage formulas we're looking at here to distinguish why a Snap Weapon would succeed where a Kick Attack would fail.
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crushing damage, kicking, knockback, snap weapon, thrust

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