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Default Re: [Basic] Skill of the week: Philosophy

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Good point.

Would rolls against Philosophy (Sufism) and Theology (Islam) at +4 work in basing a Public Speaking or Propaganda argument on Sufism philosophies, without claiming a bonus for Supplementary Skill use?

The game effect would be a slight Reaction bonus for those with traits where sympathy or belief in a Sufism flavour of Islam was established and a corresponding Reaction penalty for those with traits establishing Intolerance or other form of aversion or dislike against Sufism specifically or Islam generically.
A skill providing assistance is typically +1 or +2 if it's extremely effective. +2 or +4 is typical of powers. +4 is usually rated as "nearly miraculous."

This rather makes sense: Excellent command of philosophy will only do so much if you utterly lack argumentation skills. A guy mumbling about ethics to justify murder isn't going to get very far, even if his command of those ethics is impeccable, not nearly as far as someone with, say, telepathic Emotion control, or a guy who is an amazing orator.

I would argue, though, that it definitely allows more flexibility in how you can apply things like influence rolls. If you're a Fanatical Muslim terrorist, you're at +3 to resist any attempts to dissuade you from your lethal tasks... but if I successfully use Muslim Theology, I would argue that +3 disappears, because I'm now trying to persuade you from within the framework of your fanaticism.

Similar principles can apply to getting around a bonus to resisting attempts to get someone to violate their code of honor. You're arguing that they aren't violating their code of honor.
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