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Default Viable fighter using only claws and teeth?

I'm trying to work out how to build a bestial warrior who fights primarily with claws and teeth, but without employing 'flashy' Karate Master type techniques. Specifically, the game is a fantasy setting and likely to include armed and armored opponents. I have the Core Books and Martial Arts to work from, and might be able to swing Imbuements (though I don't want to assume it, and I'm not entirely sure they'd fit anyway). We should have ~300 CP to work with, but naturally it would be bad to devote all of that solely to hammering together halfway effective fighting skills against the odds.

My purpose in posting this is to mainly ask about the viability of this character using Sharp Claws and Sharp Teeth against armor and weapons, and can it be done without the sort of 'fancy' martial arts that a stereotypical fantasy monk or martial arts master would use. The character is hot-headed and direct in his fighting methods, but I still want him to be skilled and capable of using various Techniques to rip and tear things apart with his claws and teeth when the fighting breaks out, and to be able to take on all comers without having to conspicuously avoid particularly well equipped foes.

So all in all, I'm asking for the help of folks who know the ins-and-outs of GURPS and GURPS combat better than myself. I really enjoy the concept and would like to play it, but I'm just not sure how effective it would be in serious combat.
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claws, teeth, unarmed

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