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Default [HT] Trauma Plate ... which value is correct?

In High-Tech, the table on p. 66 lists DR +23 for a modern TL8 trauma plate. However, the "Trauma Plates" sidebox on p. 67 lists DR +25. So, I checked the errata page, but I didn't see anything listed for this.

Before I submit an errata report, I'd like to know which one is correct.

(I'm sure this has been covered in the past, but my google-fu is weak.)
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Default Re: [HT] Trauma Plate ... which value is correct?

The DR in the table is for a specific trauma plate, described in the main text. Those in the box are generic ones, and aren't on the table.
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Default Re: [HT] Trauma Plate ... which value is correct?

The table plates have different weight and price depending on the vest. The box plates are generic, have unique cost and weight. +25 DR plate costs more than Assault Vest's 23 DR one, which is $600 for two sides, while box plates are $500 per 1 side.

Main use, it seems, that these generic plates are for stuff like concealable vests, vests from lower TLs and other books.

One thing to note, somewhere in these forums there's a Krommpost saying that Concealable Vest can only fit 1 Small Trauma Plate in the front, so it somewhat diminishes your options.

Another curious thing is that Advanced Body Armor is listed as flexible, while already carrying protection equal to a ballistic plate. RAW, you can combine Advanced Body Armor (DR35/5*) with Large Trauma Plate (DR25) into a heavy suit with DR60/30. Need damage die of around 11d (2) pi- or 9d+2 (2) pi to penetrate that.
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