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Default Giant fixes

A cestus costs $2 and weighs 0.2 pounds, per point of ST of the user. When used with its own talent it adds +2 damage to a punch in regular or HTH combat (doesn't stack with Brawling or UC).

Giant characters pay a flat 1000 XP to advance DX or IQ by a point and 200 XP to advance ST by a point, whatever their current attribute totals. They can carry triple the load indicated by their ST.

The spiked club is just a scaled up hammer that uses the Ax/Mace talent. Pick a multiplier and multiply, min ST, damage, cost, and weight by that much.
Hence a ST 30 Spiked Club does 3d+3 damage, costs $75, and weighs 12.0 pounds.

Otherwise as per RAW.

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