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Default Simplified reaction to HTH attempts

If an aggressor figure attempts to move onto a defender figure then give the defender the following options:

Stop Hit: If the defender has an available melee attack option remaining this turn then she can take it now. If she hits and puts at least the aggressors' basic ST/10 (round down) hits on him then he stops and takes no further action this turn. Otherwise he enters her hex and they begin HTH. (If she had previously done this much melee damage to him this turn then he can't attempt HTH.)

"Why no, Mr. Dragon. This isn't an image of a great sword. Thank you for asking."

Accept HTH: The defender and the aggressor grapple in the defender's hex. If the defender had an attack option remaining then she can use any valid HTH option when her turn to act occurs.

Evade: The aggressor drops his shield and non-HTH weapons and enters the defender's hex. The defender then rolls 2/DX if he entered from one of her front hexes, 3/DX from the side or 4/DX if he took her from behind. On a success she moves to an adjacent empty hex. On a critical failure she's stunned for a turn. Adjust the number of dice by one for each level of UC talent advantage the two figures have over the other. Subtract one die if the defender has Acrobatics. If evaded the aggressor can still take a melee strike against the defender, but without his shield and non-HTH weapons which he dropped in his previous hex. The defender can take any valid option on her turn.
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Default Re: Simplified reaction to HTH attempts

Good ideas. Here's what I'm thinking:

1)Accept HTH (HTH is automatic if aggressor enters from side or rear hex)

2)Shove-off - Defender pushes aggressor into agressor's hex by winning ST contest.

3)Evade - Defender shifts into an unoccupied hex by winning DX contest.
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