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Default Places of power

Occasionally it can be fun to have the players aware of the villain's schedule so they can plot a last minute intervention.

Wizards can design a place of power and with priestly intervention gather a crowd to power it. The marks stand or sit in the designated area and are directed in an hour long ritual. At the end of this each willing mark casts a one point (or up to two for something really showy like an eclipse) Aid ST spell at the figure of focus. This casting is automatic unless the crowd is distracted.

If the marks need to roll then assign a distraction level from 2/DX for people shouting out against the figure of focus to 4/DX for a major earthquake. There is no adjustment for range as long as the marks are in their designated areas but non-Wizards are at -4 DX and the -4 DX for carrying iron applies.
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