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Default [Campaign-Specific] Character Build: One Player's Telepath

Ok. I've a new player (to my campaign) wanting to make a Telepath working with ISWAT in the Infinite Worlds setting. He has described to me what he wants the Telepath to be capable of, and expects me to define the character's powers. I agreed to this because he (the player) is also relatively new to GURPS.

Now comes the problem for which I seek your advice. I have come to the conclusion that I suck at building mind readers. Or GURPS does. Leaning to it being a personal issue on my part. :)

(We are using Multiplicative Modifiers from page 102 of Powers, so point optimizations are going to look funny if anyone wants to go into that kind of detail.)

So ... we have:
  • MindLink (1 - 9~ million) (Long Range, +50%; One Way, +20%; Transferable, Living Minds, +150%; World Spanning, Own and Other, +100%; Psionic -10%)
    • Purpose: To form a telepathic network of minds that the character can access without having to roll for. He wants to be able to change the people involved in the network (thereby transferable), without giving them the same level of access to his mind (thereby the one-way). Starts empty. Player wanted enough potential room to connect the population of a major city.
    • Things I don't know how to build: The ability to remotely add/remove people from the network. Throw Ranged, Malediction (Long Ranged), Long Range, World Spanning and possibly Telecommunication as modifiers on the Transferable?
  • Mind Reading (Multiple Contacts, +50%; Sensory, +20%, Universal, +50%; World Spanning, Own and Others, +100%; Psionic, -10%)
    • Purpose: To read minds. :) The above build is based on an assumption of mine, that it can piggy back off Telesend's range. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
    • Things I don't know how to build: Fun question! Should I build up Mind Reading's range independently, or should I figure out a way for it to piggy back off Telesend?
  • Mind Probe (Invasive, +75%; Universal, +50%; Psionic, -10%)
    • Purpose: To get information from the minds of others. Piggy-backs on Mind Reading's range.
    • Things I don't know how to build: Something like No Memory, so that the people being probed don't remember being probed? Would No Signature work here?
  • Mind Control (Conditioning, +50%; Long Range, +50%; Malediction, Long Distance, +200%; Ranged, +40%; Rationalization, +20%; Slow and Sure Conditioning, +80%; World Spanning, Own and Others, +100%; Psionic, -10%)
    • Purpose: To allow the character the ability to cure mental problems, plant suggestions and to outright control the minds of others if necessary.
    • Things I don't know how to build: Nothing, really. I think I got this one down. Heh.
  • Telesend (Broadcast, +50%; Long Range, +50%; Sensie, +80%; Universal, +50%; World Spanning, Own and Others, +100%; Psionic, -10%)
    • Purpose: To send his thoughts, emotions and perceptions to other minds across the infinite worlds.
    • Things I don't know how to build: Something like Wishing, to let him describe what kind of mind he is looking for and then find it?

In addition, what kind of modifier should I be looking at to remove the penalty for repeated attempts for the above? To remove the penalty for multiple connections? Ideally, I'd like him to be able to time-share the perceptions of a few hundred (maybe a few thousand) people via Mind Reading, with a perception check for him to notice important bits from each person's senses and then respond with his other abilities.

Outside of throwing around a lot of Cosmic: You Can Do This mods, *grins*, that is.

Any other ideas or suggestions? The campaign doesn't have a point total as such, other than the guideline of "Keep it under 2,000 points unless you want to write me a four to six hundred page novel. A good novel. One I'd be willing to pay money for."
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