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Default Re: Where does the rider land when they get pulled from a mount?

I agree with the OP. ITL doesn't say much about where they land.

I had to think way back to our Classic TFT days for this one. Even then, I'm sure that it only happened once or twice.

The rider would be pulled into the hex where the puller is standing. The character pulling the rider would have to roll to see if they can move to an the adjacent hex (3/DX or 4/DX?) or be in HTH with the rider. In the HTH rules, I don't think that it matters which character is on top of the pile. The very subtle implication on ITL page 131 is that the roll made by the puller(s) also has the resistance if the rider built into the roll. However, that is debatable. Otherwise, the GM could allow the rider to have an action after being pulled off. This could allow a saving roll to land on their feet (if the puller moves to an adjacent hex), an attack while in HTH with the puller or, perhaps, an impractical attack (-DX adjustments) while on the ground.

At least, that's how I remember it. There is plenty of uncertainty as to how it will result for either character. HTH-like situations are like that.

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