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Pip Boy
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Default Re: [MH] Brazilian Secret Monster Hunters

Some research material for you:

Brazilian Vault Dweller, Wanderer and Chosen One. (Feel free to correct my english grammar!)
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Default Comando da Santa Cruz Service Weapons

I expect that the covert operatives of the Comando da Santa Cruz, the ABIN-associated, Vatican-friendly foreign occult intelligence and security organization, make use of locally-acquired and/or smuggled weaponry if they carry out direct action against supernatural threats on foreign soil.

However, I have decided that they are also issued sidearms for their personal protection, from both paranormal and physical threats. As iron interferes with all magic and especially the magic of fey beings, all-steel weapons are more popular among those in the know about the occult than they are among other modern tactical shooters. And as CSC often works with those within the Vatican aware of the occult, they favour blessed crosses and objects, including obtaining a blessing of their personal weapons.

When selected for the exclusive unit*, the operative receives two sidearms. One is a custom Taurus PT99 in 9x19mm, constructed entirely from stainless steel, even the frame (usually aluminum alloy in Beretta 92 and Taurus PT92/PT99 pistols), with a heavier slide, threaded match barrel, custom trigger and hand-fitted components. They are also decorated with religious iconography and blessed by a priest, looking something like the pistols in Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet. These pistols can chamber and fire 85 grain hardened steel penetrators at 1,500 fps (2d+2(2) pi), in special +P+ 9x19mm ammunition made by CBC.

The other sidearm is a hand-fitted Taurus 605 revolver in .357 Magnum, with Brazilian cherry wood grips incorporating a silver cross.

Both sidearms are issued with a fine custom leather holster made by an old leatherworker with occult gifts, in cooperation with the new operative; the Taurus PT99 with an Outside the Waist-Band (OWB) strong-side holster and the Taurus 605 with an Undercover Holster that can be carried Appendix Inside the Waist-Band (AIWB) or rigged for ankle carry. These holsters carry a minor charm using the Path of Matter and Path of Mind that grants +1 to Holdout and -1 to rolls to discover the firearm.

*There are fewer than 100 people who work for CSC, most of them commandos trained by military, police or security services, not career ABIN officers.
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brazil, covert ops, monster hunters, special ops, vile vortices

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